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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Modern Bathroom
  • Do you provide laundry and dishwashing services?
    We do not provide laundry or dishwashing service at this time.
  • Do you provide carpet cleaning?
    We do not provide carpet cleaning at this time.
  • Do you provide detailed cleaning services?
    For safety reasons, our employees are prohibited from cleaning anything outside of their reach such as the top of blinds, windows, fixtures or shelves.
  • Will you move furniture to clean behind and underneath?
    For our cleaner’s safety, they do not move furniture (couch, dresser, bed, oven etc). If you would like those areas cleaned, please remove the relevant furniture before your appointment.
  • Do you provide supplies and equipment?
    Cleaning supplies are brought by our staff. We typically use your cleaning equipment like mops, brooms or vacuums, however if you do not have these items we will bring our own. Please let us know in advance if you have any specific cleaning items you'd want our staff to use.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We'll set you up with the next best date and time if you need to postpone your appointment, just let us know at least 24 hours beforehand. A 24-hour notice is needed if you need to postpone a scheduled cleaning. A phone call or email may be used to provide notice. You must pay 30% of the scheduled cleaning if you repeatedly fail to give a 24-hour notice.
  • Do you do background checks for your team members?
    We have a robust hiring process to ensure we are hiring the right people. This includes a background check. We want to work with good people because we believe that our team members are the people ensuring our clients are receiving excellent service.
  • How do I ensure my home is cleaned to my liking?
    If a contractor comes to fix a leaky faucet, you will lead them to the problem location, give them instructions, and check on them occasionally to make sure the job is being done to your satisfaction. The same principle holds true for on-site cleaners; the client should specify what is expected of them and occasionally check to make sure they are meeting those expectations.
  • What don’t you clean?
    We cannot clean anything that is not within reach, for example, the top of windows or blinds. If there are specific high areas you would like cleaned, please ensure a 2-step ladder is available for use. We dust blinds as far as we can reach however we do not wipe down individual blinds. If you would like this service please ensure you clearly request it to ensure the appropriate amount of time if quoted for this work.
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