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Our work environment makes a big impact on how productive we are and how others perceive our business. At Palace Cleaning, we take pride in helping other businesses keep their spaces looking and feeling clean. This ensures our business partners are doing the best work possible and their customers are impressed by the space.

All of our commercial contracts are 100% custom built for each client to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. 

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Who we serve

Air BnB

We know what it takes to keep guests coming back. As a Host, you have enough to worry about so let us ensure that your space is clean and ready for the next guest. The space is cleaned, sheets are changes and everything is laundered. Need a few things restocked? We do that too. Our goal is to ensure everything happens just the way you expect.


High traffic means lots of dirt and dust. Our team ensures your store looks good as new for the start of a new day. Your customers care about how clean your store looks and we do too. You can trust our team to take care of yours.


How can we expect our team to perform at their best if their space is a mess? Whether it's a regular vacuum and trash or a deeper clean, we ensure that your team gets to work in a pristine environment. Are you a property manager? We can provide complete janitorial services for small to medium size buildings.

Let's discuss your business need. Contact us at

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